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The landscape and garden architecture was designed in close relation to the construction works of the Somogyvár –
Kupavárhegy reception building.

Aside from preparing the area for touristic utilization, another key task was to integrate the building into the landscape, with special focus on restoring its historical landscape characteristics.


The most important task during the design process has been the construction of an ornamental garden that is suitable for a monumental setting, and functionally adequate, which would serve as an entrance befitting the historically listed building complex surrounding it.

Our job here was to fully desgn the inner courtyards that were created during the renovation of the historic building and its expansion with a new wing. The building complex, which fulfills the role of the Main Parish, serves the spiritual life of the religious workes it houses, and is also the venue of community programs and events.



Our job was to design the landscape around a villa that was built to stand on a sharply inclining lot, suitable for a multigenerational family. In the garden, apart from preserving the valuable timber, numerous new functions needed to be allocated and designed, such as the vegetable garden, the playgorund, the recreational garden and the paved terrace.

The playground is based on a "city-village-factory-hill" theme and comprised of unique elements, and is the largest playground in the district. Within the day camp area, we have created areas segmented according to age on a 3000m2 territory. Designed with multiple slide-towers, the complex boasts a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, not only because of its specifically designed outer paint job, but also because of the unique elements it consists of, such as the giant swingset, the lookout tower with baby changing tables and rain shelter, the 5m tall closed tube slide, the curved gabion stone wall that provides seating and visual protection, as well as the custom painted wooden statues.

The garden of Château de Chaumont in the Loire Valley houses conceptual garden festivals since 1992. For a landscape architect, exhibiting here is the same kind of honor as it is for an architect to showcase their work on La Biennale di Venezia. In 2012, Edina Massány and Dominik Scheuch were the first to represent the Hungarian and Austrian colors in Chaumont sur Loire." – the corresponding article on writes.


open air design

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