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design: 2013


fulfillment: 2015

location: Kupavárhegy area in Somogyvár, 8698

area size: 23 000m2

architects: Viktor Szentkuti, Dénes Halmai, Csaba Molnár DLA


landscape architects: Edina Massány, Rita Remeczki, Zsófi Megyeri

description: The landscape and garden architecture was designed in close relation to the construction works of the Somogyvár – Kupavárhegy reception building. Aside from preparing the area for touristic utilization, another key task was to integrate the building into the landscape, with special focus on restoring its historical landscape characteristics. This was accomplished by choosing plants that could also be used in the agricultural industry, as well as giving different functions to lands not directly affected by the construction of the reception building. Our work was conducted based on reserach focusing on landscape conservation. The separate units of the garden architectural design are the following: the direct vicinity of the building incl. parking lots, the surrounding forest patches, lavender field, wineyard and orchard. Also in connection with the construction of the Somogyvár – Kupavárhegy reception building, we have designed the pathway leading up to the Kupavár National Memorial Site. Our goal here was to integrate the pathway into the landscape with as little intervention as possible, as well as to ensure the safe passage of visitors between the reception building and the memorial site.

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