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design: 2013


fulfillment: 2014

location: Budapest XVI. District, Rákosszentmihály

area size: 2 950m2


landscape architects: Rita Remeczki, Viktor László


static: Szabolcs Jávor

description: The playground is based on a "city-village-factory-hill" theme and comprised of unique elements, and is the largest playground in the district. Within the day camp area, we have created areas segmented according to age on a 3000m2 territory. Designed with multiple slide-towers, the complex boasts a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, not only because of its specifically designed outer paint job, but also because of the unique elements it consists of, such as the giant swingset, the lookout tower with baby changing tables and rain shelter, the 5m tall closed tube slide, the curved gabion stone wall that provides seating and visual protection, as well as the custom painted wooden statues.

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